It all Starts
over a pot
of tea and
a slice of cake.


Meet with us and discuss your wants & needs.

We like to meet you at our office and workshop, so you can talk in detail about what you want on your hut. Also, this gives you a much better feel for the huts if you can be inside one and see other customers’ huts being built.
We discuss the options for getting the hut onto your site and a possible delivery date.
As soon as we have your deposit, we give you a hut number. When the hut is delivered, this is placed on the hut with a cast iron plaque.
Payment terms and delivery costs are on our Terms & Conditions page.
If you cannot come and see us at the shows or at our home, don’t worry - we can do everything over the phone, emails or good old fashioned post! 
We have had customers in Cumbria and Scotland that we have never met until we delivered the huts! So it’s not a problem, anything is possible!


Decide on the Design with Dave

While you are with us, we work at a design that best suits you requirements. We have a computer programme that incorporates a floor plan to scale, so we can make sure everything will fit in the hut that you need. This also allows us to move the position of windows and doors, then giving you a better idea of how it all looks. This is really personal choice for your hut and we want you to have exactly what you want, so we give you the option of everything! Even flooring, sinks, anything; we only usually have to discuss something if you wanted everything gold plated!!


Decide on the small personal interior Details.

It can seem like a lot to take in, but soon enough, when you have decided on the major points of exterior finishes and colours, the other items can be discussed right down to types of electric sockets, or we can give you various links to look at options for lighting and colour schemes if necessary or if you want more time to think about different options.


Build Time! We keep you updated with weekly progress Reports.

The progress pictures start from the frame and we take pictures at every stage until completion. We then print the pictures and put them in a booklet for you to keep with your hut for people to see when they visit the hut. The great thing about computers is that we can pop out of the office into the workshop, take a picture, bring it back into the office and send it straight over to you, so you can see how things are going. This is also useful if we want you to check a detail in the hut and you are not able to pop over so we can cut down on delays while we wait for a reply.


Now's a good time to come and see your hut if you would like to.

We arrange a convenient time for you pop over and see the hut. We make sure that all of our customers know they are more than welcome to come and see the progress of the hut being built; this also gives you the opportunity to change things as well if you feel the need to. We are usually here weekends and evenings as we are lucky enough to work from home so we can fit in with your busy schedules. Just call us to make sure we are here and that Jeannie has plenty of cake available!


Finally... Your hut is delivered to your site!

As we get nearer to finishing the hut, we discuss the final payment details and a fixed delivery date to suit you. We have had some interesting deliveries and have learnt that we can get into most places; this will have been discussed with you when you first come to see us so we will already know how easy or difficult it will be, and we even have the option to change the wheels so we do less damage to a nice lawn! Dave seems to have the knowledge to find a way to get a hut into a difficult spot usually involving a well-adapted Land Rover.

Simple Really Get in touch and we'll get the kettle on.

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Creating your very own shepherd hut is a wonderful journey. Meet your guides who can show you the way...

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