Self Build Huts

Self Build Shepherd Hut Frames

  • 18ft x 7ft 2 inch
  • Full steel frame
  • Ready built


(including 20% VAT)

Size (see below for other size options)


  • 18ft x 7ft 2 inch full steel frame - ready built, so no need to assemble.
  • Floor to roof interior height 2400mm.
  • Large enough to accommodate a bathroom, bed and kitchen/living accommodation area.




  • Fully functional wheels & axles with a turn table allowing you to turn the hut in a full circle if required.
  • Cast iron wheels made in the UK with axles that can easily accommodate soft tyres in the event you need to move the hut on soft ground (soft tyres not supplied).
  • The frame can easily be transported on a trailer or we can deliver - please ask for a price.




  • 40mm box section on most of the frame.
  • Welded together for extra durability with floor able to support heavy objects (no timber used).
  • Draw bar with ball hitch (easy to remove once in position).
  • Painted with a black prime.
  • 3 window positions and a standard door opening ready for you to fit your own supplies. Option to have a wider opening for double doors if preferred.
  • Roof can be secured directly into the curved steel frame - perfect for windy areas.
  • Can be fixed with corrugated exterior or wood.

Size Options

  • Would you prefer a different size? Let us know a size that's ideal for your project and we can confirm a cost for you.

Extras Available As Listed

  • Black Corrugated roof - POA
  • Side corrugated cladding sheets with flashings on corners, drip & roof - POA


Self Builds

As a small family run business, we do not have large facilities to offer a kit form as this would need to be manufactured separately to a full hut build. Instead, we offer a steel frame only which you can see the photos on the website and we give a full description of what its built from.

Unfortunately, we do not offer visits to view the frames on their own as they are not built at our workshop and office and as we do not get into fine details of how they are built we do visits differently to if you were buying a full self-build hut. It would be like Heinz giving away all their best secrets that they have worked so hard to perfect, right?
The frame gives you the opportunity to build your own hut from scratch and source your own materials and ideas, this is why it’s offered at a much cheaper price than a completed hut as we have not had to sit down and work through each detail with you, not forgetting the amount of time and materials that goes into a complete hut.

We are always happy to see you at a show where you happily view a completed hut and look over the exterior etc.

Please note that you are not permitted to use your self-build purchase as the basis to copy parts and build duplicate huts; they are a project, time and money saving solution.


Giving you the opportunity to make the hut your own.

Riverside Shepherd Huts have been building bespoke huts since 2011. We were the first company in the UK to build a hut with a complete steel frame.

We are often asked if we can supply just the frame and chassis so you could build your own hut. As there are so many companies making huts now, we wanted to give people the opportunity to have the chance to build their own hut with the starting point of a good solid hand made frame built in the UK.

Collection from our base in Worcestershire or Delivery available - price on application.

30 year guarantee on the steel frame and chassis.

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