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We are based on the border between Worcestershire and Warwickshire and manufacture the shepherd huts at our unit in Warwickshire.

We then keep the finished shepherd huts at our home field as it is a much nicer setting. People enjoy viewing in a relaxed and calm domestic atmosphere with a cup of tea and a slice of cake!

We are a small family-run business and combine our skills to build and decorate your special room.


Been there, done that,
Got the tea-pot

Over 30 years of experience in the manufacture of all bespoke steel framed buildings, including industrial units, warehousing, supermarkets, garden centres, sports halls and various other structures.

We also manufacture all types of agricultural buildings, such as grain stores, hay barns, equestrian facilities, beef and other livestock units.


Meet Dave

Dave has been working for himself since he left school at 16. He always worked on farms, doing small jobs to earn money when he was at school. He was born in Ross-on-Wye and moved around the country with his parents to various farms, spending a lot of his childhood in Newton Ferrers, Devon, where he still loves to spend time.

He started a fencing company at 17 and worked hard with various companies to learn a trade, progressing to industrial and farm buildings. He started his company, Phillips Steel Construction, and built up a good reputation over the 30 years, surviving the two recessions. The company is still doing well and Dave still has to divide his time between the two companies. There is still a high demand with orders from existing customers and new.

He loves nothing better than messing around with machinery, tractors and Land Rovers. We often say he should be on a new series of 'Scrapheap Challenge' as he loves to discover new ways of making something. Often, the best ideas coming from a soak in the bath! Sit him down for a day in front of the TV, or just relaxing doing nothing, and he tends to go a bit stir crazy!

Meet Jeannie

Jeannie left school at 16 and went straight into a full time job in retail and progressed during the years to various office jobs in sales and accounts.

Jeannie loves her holidays, cooking for friends and family, baking and gardening; she even had a dream job experience of working with Chris Beardshaw at Chelsea Flower Show building a show garden, taking two weeks off her full time job to do so.

The hut interiors are the most enjoyable part for Jeannie, with the show huts really showing how she enjoys working with colour schemes and themes for the rooms. She also likes working with the customer and helping them with their colour schemes and ideas for their very personal huts.

Meet Kate

Another family member, she was keen to get involved from the start and always enjoyed helping at the shows while still at school. It was a natural thing for her to come and join the ever-growing team once she left college. Kate is happy to throw herself into every aspect of the company and is learning new skills from our collections to deliveries, accounts and also showing the customers around. She is never happier than when she has Breeze sat on her lap in the office.

Meet Sue

Our accounts lady has known Jeannie for many years. She is a family friend who was happy to jump in and join the team, especially as our tea maker - she reminds us of the tea lady from Father Ted! Her organisation is second-to-none, and even though she joins in the banter in the office, she takes her job seriously - and happily chats to her little elf (as Dave calls it).

Meet Andrew

After joining us in early 2016, Andrew was quick to pick up the pace of construction of the huts, and show his skills that he has picked up over his years of experience, which even included boat building.

We were delighted to welcome him on board!

Meet Laurence

As a family run business we were over the moon to welcome Andrew's brother into the firm. As a previous carpenter for a company who make oak framed buildings, he also has the advanced carpentry dexterity to transform a plain of plain wood into a display of art. Both Laurence and Andrew's attention to detail ensures that every single hut is finish to the high standard that we strive towards every time.

Meet Matt

The chief window maker! Matt is a dab hand with woodwork. His precise competence as a joiner enables the windows and other items made by him to be long lasting and robust, as well as looking the part. He is always keen to add ideas for changing or improving the huts (just has very bad choice in his favourite music...!)
Misty and Breeze

Meet Misty and Breeze

Consistent with their charming greeting talents, the two main ladies of the office - happy to pose for anyone who has a camera out, we wouldn't be without them. They are both very lovable characters and are quite happy to sit with us in the office at their special locations.

They are a very big part of our team here at Riverside.
Nat and Rory (Electricians), Will (Plumber)

Meet Nat and Rory (Electricians), Will (Plumber)

Both teams work well with our team. As mere youngsters, they both run their own companies, and are just as enthusiastic about the huts - making the team complete.

Meet Ronnie

The most senior, which shows in his vast knowledge of all the more unusual things we get asked to build. Never happier than when Dave is asking him for help with machinery or other strange designs, he would make a good additional member to Dave's "Scrap Heap Challenge" team. A fountain of knowledge, you may never see him if you visit us, but he is often found in his own chair with a packet of digestives and a cup of tea, hidden away in his little shed.
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