The Watchmaker's Hut

The Watchmaker's Hut

Convenience, cost savings and a crane!

Jeannie and David have fond memories of the Watchmaker’s Hut, as Jeannie explained…

"This is one of the earlier huts we made. The customer needed to work from home, to cut down on the costs of child care. He would be nearer to home and the school instead of working in a unit on an industrial estate, also incurring costs of renting, electric and service bills.

"This made it a really flexible form of work as he could work the hours that suited him, he also had the convenience of popping down the garden to the office if and when needed. Also, travel time and vehicle costs were blown away!

"The hut was made to an office style and we put in a larger window, so there was more daylight. The customer needed specially designed worktops to suit his tools and how he worked. So, we built various levels of worktops and also a sink.

"Normally, we put in square sinks but, as this customer is a watchmaker and after consultation, we decided to put in a round sink. It’s a small detail but something we always enjoy doing.

"The hut needed to be placed in the back garden behind the garage and accessed over the neighbour’s garden.  There was no way of driving the hut in so we craned it in.

"We had BT there to take the phone cables down, which we had planned in advance of our visit; we got a crane company local to the customer to do a site visit to establish the size of the crane etc.

"David has worked with large crane companies in the construction company we run, so he is used to talking to the crane drivers in their own language, either using hand signals or walkie talkies if there is no direct eye contact. These pre-planned details are essential for a good job.”

And a good job was definitely done. The main photograph of the hut in the air has also been used in a book by David Morris about the history of shepherd huts.

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