The Student Space

The Student Space

The best kind of accommodation!

When Jeannie and Dave were asked to build a hut for a student, they jumped at the challenge to create a space that would rival even the best University accommodation…

 "Dave and I were approached by a local family whose son was at University, but he needed his own space for when he was at home.

"They’d already done their research and had found a perfect item of furniture called a ‘Study Bed,’ where their son could leave everything on his desk and pull on a handle to reveal his bed.

"However, the Study Bed was slightly too wide to fit into our normal 7ft hut, so we made the steel frame a little bit wider to accommodate this.”

"We wanted to give him as much living space as possible, so we made the kitchen fairly compact. We also included an extra drop down leaf to use as a draining board or preparation area whilst looking out of the stable door.

"As with the rest of our huts, the bathroom features our 800mm square shower, toilet and sink.

"With a large wardrobe, a wood burner to keep warm in the winter and a drop leaf table to sit at during meal times, the Student Space offers everything that a student needs to be completely self sufficient, in a warm, inviting and personalised environment. Even the cat is happy!”

Do you have a son or daughter craving their own space? The Student Space could be the answer, so have a chat with us about your perfect shepherd hut today.
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