The Shepherd's Lodge

The Shepherd's Lodge

Your wish is Riverside’s command…

When Jeannie and Dave found themselves inundated with requests for bigger huts, they set about making their customer’s wishes come true…

"We found that our previously largest hut, which was 18ft x 7ft, was an extremely popular choice amongst our customers, and with multiple layouts available to suit everyone’s needs, it accounted for 80% of our sales.

"However, we gradually started to receive more and more enquiries about the potential of building larger huts. We always put our limit at 18ft as we transport the huts to our customers ourselves on our specially made trailers, and this inevitably keeps the transport costs down.

"But we were determined to take that step for our customers and applied for an operator’s license which was quickly approved, meaning that we could transport the larger huts on our lovely new adapted lorry. 

"We were under some pressure to get the hut completed – we wanted it to be ready for the next show which gave us four weeks to build a hut that could accommodate a bedroom, large bathroom with a walk in shower and living and dining area.

"Nevertheless, we were able to build a larger, more versatile hut at a maximum of 25ft long by 8ft 6 inch wide, the bigger space giving our customers greater creative freedom in designing the interior of the hut.

"With the hut built and ready to go, the only thing we had left to do was decide on a name! The word ‘hut’ seemed to underplay the size, so we had a brainstorm and decided that the Shepherd’s Lodge was the overall winner.

"We are now working on a design of the Shepherd’s Lodge for a customer to give her EVEN more space! We plan on using a door to link the lodge to a smaller hut located behind, which will have a full size bedroom, freeing up the front of the hut for a much larger living area.”

If you’d like your very own Shepherd’s Lodge, just have a chat with us about your perfect shepherd hut today.
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