The Outdoor Shop

The Outdoor Shop

A rustic rival for your local café!

When approached by a farm looking to build an outdoor shop, Jeannie and Dave cherry-picked the best features from their range of huts…

"Daylesford Organics, a Gloucestershire farm known for its organic, seasonal and delicious food, needed an additional outdoor area for its main site. A Shepherd Hut was the perfect solution. It would be the centrepiece for their open days, shows and food festivals, where healthy food is just a purchase away.

"Both the inside and outside of the hut were equally as important. The inside would be home to the hard-at-work chefs, so we had several chats with them about their ideal workspace. A few visits later and a floor plan was created.

"Daylesford supplied their fridges and freezers which we had fitted. We then built in a side door, giving easy access to the hut when it’s closed up. We also included runners so that we could push the chilled cabinet in and out of the hut without breaking a sweat. No clamps, no sponges, we used specially designed bolts to keep everything in place when the hut is on its travels up and down the country.

"The front of the hut was an important feature, an open window to customers. We designed a stand to give them extra space when having a nose at Daylesford’s healthy goodies.
"Our specialist design company gave a helping hand with our worktop template. They made the stainless steel worktop to the customer’s exact requirements and fitted it for us.

"The company that makes our trailers also made one to transport the Outdoor Shop for Daylesford’s many upcoming shows.

"The finished hut is a misty green decorated by a colourful range of fresh fruit and veg. With the added rustic details of bunting, bales of hay and heart shaped chalkboards, Daylesford’s message ‘eat to be healthy’ couldn’t be more inviting.”

Does the idea an Outdoor Shop sounds appetising? Have a chat with us about your perfect shepherd hut today. 
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