The Honeymoon Hut

The Honeymoon Hut

A special hut for a special night 

Jeannie remembers a romantic retreat and a delivery based on trust…

"We had a phone call from a lady in Cumbria one day. She had never met us or seen the huts. When she was researching hut makers, she found us and thought we came across as a friendly bunch with a good quality hut.

"Her instructions were that she needed a romantic-looking interior for her daughter, who was getting married at home and did not want to miss out on all the evening festivities by leaving to go to a local hotel, and then the hut could be used for extra accommodation when they needed it.

"We emailed each other to keep in touch about décor and finishes. We were on a tight timescale and had to keep it quiet as the daughter knew nothing about the hut.

"We met Heather just off the motorway. She was excited and relieved that we had actually turned up as her husband had joked with her when she ordered the hut that we could be anyone and there may not even be a hut! She told him it was fine – she knew we were okay as our phone calls were enough to fill her with confidence , so we were met with hugs and began our journey on to the cottage where the hut was going to live.

"The hut was furnished almost immediately with soft furnishings and lovely finishing touches that Heather had already been storing for the arrival of the hut.

"Apparently, the wedding was very successful and the daughter adored the hut.”

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