The Homely Hut

The Homely Hut

… because there really is no place like home! 

 Jeannie was delighted to create a countryside retreat with all the homely touches, as she explained…

"When we first met Donald and Julie, they were the proud owners of a very successful Caravan club site located on their farm in the beautiful Cotswolds in Winchcombe.”

"The sheer beauty of the countryside shone through and sooner or later, they were being contacted by the families and friends of people bringing their caravans, eager to find the nearest B&B or hotel to the site or even if Donald and Julie offered a B&B service.”

"Whilst the couple weren’t in a position to run a B&B in their house, the caravan park had a fantastic spot that could accommodate a shepherd hut.”

"Our self-contained hut already offered a permanent bed, bathroom and kitchen area and with a few finishing touches like an electric cooker, oven and TV, Donald and Julie created the perfect home away from home.”

"With the extra income from the hut and the customers being happily in a stone’s throw of their family and friends staying in the caravans- everyone was a winner!”

"It looks like the success of the hut will last until the cows come home as Donald and Julie have rented it out for most of the summer and as an added bonus, they have been given high praise from their customers, 100% reviews on Trip Advisor and impeccable testimonials on their website.”

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