The Guest Hut

The Guest Hut

A special little house in the garden!

Jeannie explains how a Riverside Shepherd Hut made a house move possible while still keeping the grandchildren happy…

"Ann and Chris lived in a small village near Worcester in the big farmhouse. Recently retired, they found the large farmhouse getting to be a bit too large for the two of them on a daily basis but ideal when the children and grandchildren all returned for weekends and holidays.

"They had the option to do a house exchange with another member of the family who lived at the other end of the village in a barn conversion. This was a perfect solution, but then they realised they really needed to look at outside extra accommodation. After some research and seeing our website with our huts, they came along and discussed what they would like in more detail.

"The corrugated finish was an ideal option for them as it was in-keeping with the farm and barn look. That was the exterior resolved, so the interior was the major decision. They really didn’t need the cooking facilities or fridge, so this freed up the space for more bed areas. They decided it would be fine for the family to still use the shower in the barn, but it would be nice for them to have a toilet and basin in a small bathroom.

"We built a double bed within the traditional alcove area and, at the other end, we built bunk beds three feet wide so they would be useful for adults as well as for children. We put a light in the bed area for each bunk bed so the children could read and even have their own small window, which we think has added to the enjoyment of staying in Nanny and Grandad’s special little house in the garden, even having the small bathroom for convenience during the night, saving Nanny and Grandad from being woken up during the night!"

If a special little house in the garden would make your family happy, just have a chat with us about your perfect shepherd hut today.

"Another happy customer who received exactly what they had in mind for their extra guest room and more!”

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