The Dog Hut

The Dog Hut

Please send me to the doghouse…

For many people, our four-legged friends are part of the family and deserve their own shepherd hut too.

"Harriet contacted us as she had seen the children’s huts on our website,” Jeannie explained, "And wanted to know if we could make one for her dogs.

"She told us she had two small children, so we recommended not just a lockable dog flap but the option of a normal door as well as the children would want to play in it too.

"The windows were made to open outwards to save them trying to climb inside. Also, we added a double socket so they had the option for a heater or light.

"It has a complete turntable and detachable draw bar, the same as the large huts, so it can be easily moved. So everyone’s happy in this doghouse!”

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