The Chicken Hut

The Chicken Hut

A clucking good idea! 
Considering the shepherd hut’s origin as a shelter for lambs and shepherds, creating a high quality chicken coup from a shepherd hut was a natural evolution.

"The practical features were surprisingly easy to build into a mini shepherd hut,” Jeannie explained. "The more we worked on the idea, the more convinced we were that shepherd huts and chicken coups made a great combination.

"The size of the hut – 5ft 4in by 3ft 4in, and 3ft 6in high – makes it suitable for up to five chickens. It includes an integral roosting box with an outside lid for collecting the eggs without disturbing the chickens.

"Chicken huts also have a perch, a lockable flap with a ramp for the chickens and a bolted door at the end for easy cleaning. It comes on its own cast iron wheels and has a detachable tow bar so it can be moved around easily.

"Perhaps the best thing, though, is that it looks fantastic, adds a touch of individuality and gives chickens a lovely home, perfect for laying lots of fresh eggs.”

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"The Riverside Shepherd Hut chicken house is a fantastic home for our hens; it is strong, durable and has a very innovative design.  The rare breed Silver Grey Dorking chickens love their house (shown in picture above).

"It is fully insulated and is finished to the highest standard and it is easy to move around the garden allowing the hens to have fresh grass regularly.  The Hut is built to last with a solid steel frame and hard wood cladding; there is no chance of a fox getting into this chicken coop since it is off the ground, there are no hiding places for vermin and the house never gets damp.

"The Hut is well ventilated and offers the very finest living space, fully equipped with nesting boxes and perches. This great design piece is not just a practical chicken house it is a fantastic architectural centrepiece to the garden.  If you’re looking for a special house for your hens, this Hut is second to none."  
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