From Caravans to Huts

From Caravans to Huts

Geoff & Gwen had a Caravan Club site on their property, and decided they wanted to try something else on their land. They travelled down from Cheshire to see the huts and decide what they would like in their special hut.

They wanted something a little larger than our 18ft x 7ft hut that a lot of people have to rent out.

The decision was made for a 21ft x 8ft hut, based on the layout on their own caravan. The kitchen was put on the whole end of the hut and the the bathroom at the opposite end, which freed the middle of the hut up for other uses including the bed, sofa, and a table and chairs.

The exterior of the hut had a wooden hot tub and small barbecue area for customers to use.

We have loved the layout of this one as it was so different to what most of the customers have, and since building this one a lot of our customers have liked the layout as well.

The rental has gone really well and there has been no regrets from Geoff & Gwen about ending the Caravan Club site. They have found they get people staying longer in the hut and have also lost the problem of people coming and going with caravans.

The extra land has been freed up to accommodate the flock of geese to meet and greet the customers, which all adds to the glamping experience!

Geoff & Gwen's Testimonial
"We operated  a Caravan CL site for twenty years at our property as well as a holiday apartment attached to our house, after retiring from full time work we decided that another holiday let would be a better option revenue wise but as we didn't have room to build another apartment we looked at other alternatives.
A shepherd hut seemed to match our requirements plus it was also far less expense than building, after looking at the requirements of planning we searched around for a company to build our hut.

After reviewing a number of companies we found that in the first instance the build specification of Riverside was far superior than any other on the market, in our view particularly the steel frame structure.

We then sat down with Jeanie and Dave to discuss our requirements which were actually very different than anything they had so far built.

Jeanie and Dave cooperated fully with our own design requirements although they were always willing to input their design experience and also really did assist our agent with information for the planning requirements with our local council.

The result was exactly as we specified and two weeks ahead of programme, we have just holiday rented  the hut with a log fired hot tub for our first twelve months with great success, and the first indications for the second year are looking to improve with occupancy and revenue generated.

Thanks Jeanie and Dave a job well done."

Did you know you can stay in this hut? Click here to visit the site

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